Why Should I Hire An Event Planner?

Many people think that hiring a wedding planner is an unnecessary expense for a wedding but the reality of the situation is that wedding planners can take your dream wedding and make it a reality while saving you time, money and stress. While there are countless reasons why you should hire a wedding planner, these are the top 5 benefits to taking that leap!

Execution – Whether you have spent years dreaming up the perfect wedding fairytale in your mind or hours pinning the latest trends on Pinterest; taking those ideas and making them into reality is usually easier said than done. Having a wedding planner can help bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. They can act as an unbiased sounding board for all your ideas and they have the knowledge as well as resources to bring those ideas to life. Love the idea of incorporating metallics into your colors but don’t want to lose the timeless and romantic feeling? Dreaming of a winter wonderland but don’t want to lose the modern edge? Your wedding planner is there to bring your vision to life and advise your decision making along the way!

Experts – Honestly, planning a wedding can easily morph into being a full time job. With everything we have going on in day-to- day life, it can be daunting to imagine taking on another full time job. Worrying constantly about the million items on your to-do list and losing sleep over things such as catering timelines, can ultimately lead to you sacrificing pieces of your dream wedding. The beautiful thing about hiring a wedding planner is that it IS their full time job to plan your wedding. They are there to do the research and legwork so that your wedding day is what you imagined it would be. Your wedding planner will dedicate their time to making your day perfect and to taking the stress off of you.

Management – Thoughts of keeping track of which vendors will be there at what time and who gets paid when can put a damper on your big day. Your wedding planner is there to manage your wedding from start to finish, and that can sometimes include managing people. Whether they are putting together the master timeline of your wedding or wrangling up your fireball of a flower girl for the procession, wedding planners are there to make sure that everything and everyone, is where they should be, when they should be. Your wedding planner will assure that on your wedding day you are enjoying the little moments and cherishing the memories being made rather than worrying over the wait staff and stressing about all of the details.

Organization – Scheduling everything from the tastings and fittings to creating a minute by minute breakdown of your ceremony is one of the top priorities of your wedding planner. During the planning process they are there to make sure each box gets checked off on your wedding to do list. There is an incredible amount of tasks that go into planning a wedding; from finding the perfect dress to sending out your save the dates your wedding planner is there to make it all happen.

Money – Hiring a wedding planner to save money is a counter intuitive thought for most people, but the reality is that attempting to plan and DIY your wedding can lead to spending more time and money than necessary on your big day. Wishing you could have those amazing laser cut invitations you saw on that wedding blog the other day? Or dreaming of a woodland fairytale wedding but don’t think your budget can handle it? Hiring a wedding planner can help you get all of the things you want within your budget. Your wedding planner has been around long enough to know the ends and outs of which vendors to use and how to cut costs on everything from floral arrangements to venues. Working with a wedding planner allows you and your budget to reap the benefits of your planner’s relationships!

The list for hiring a wedding planner goes on and on but the most important reason for hiring a wedding planner is so that on your day, everything that dreamed and planned for your entire life comes alive and you can sit back and enjoy it without the stress. This day goes so fast and is one the most important days in your life, hiring the right wedding planner will ensure that this day is all you dreamed of.