Engagement Parties

You said yes! The engagement party marks the beginning of this wonderful journey to your wedding day. With the right preparation your engagement party will be the perfect event to announce the beginning of the rest of your life with your significant other and to celebrate with all of your friends and family.


The date


The timeline of an engagement often varies. Some engagements may last as short as a couple of months where others can last as long as a couple of years! Depending on the length of your engagement you can determine the perfect time to host the engagement party. Since the engagement party really marks the beginning of all of the wedding planning some couples enjoy having a few weeks or even a couple of months to soak in the news before celebrating with everyone. Oftentimes it is nice to have this time to really enjoy the beginning of the engagement before the serious wedding planning begins.The bottom line is that once you have your engagement party the news will be out, your friends and family will be invested and the wedding planning will be the first thing on everyone’s mind!


The Host

Traditionally the parents of the bride host the engagement party. However, nowadays there are many reasons for others to host as well. Maybe the groom’s parents want to host or maybe they want to work with the bride’s parents to cohost. Sometimes the maid of honor or another close family member or friend wants to step up and take on the task. There are also times when the bride and groom decide to host the party all on their own. Whoever decides to take on the challenge is ultimately up to you, the most important thing to remember is that this person will be financially responsible and in charge of planning this special event, so choose wisely!


The Location

Choosing where to have your engagement party can be difficult if the bride and groom’s friends and family are located out of town. If this is the case you may want to visit them or have a few different, smaller parties. If you’re going to ask your guests to come to you for the actual wedding it might be a good idea to visit them for the engagement party, so you don’t ask too much by making them travel twice. As for the actual venue of the engagement party, that depends on the atmosphere you are looking for. If you want it to be small and intimate you may rent out a room in a restaurant. If you want it to be more casual and open you could have it in a backyard or a beach club. Whatever you decide, you want to make sure it will be able to accommodate your guests and produce the right environment you are looking for.


The Guests

The Golden Rule when inviting people to your engagement party is to never invite someone who isn’t invited to the actual wedding! For obvious reasons you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by making them feel not important enough to go to the actual wedding. However, with that being said, if a coworker or friend of your parents decides to host a casual get together to celebrate your engagement it’s not uncommon for them to invite guests you aren’t as close with whowon’t expect to be invited to the wedding. This is also a nice way to be able to celebrate with casual friends and/or coworkers, and anyone who may not be able to come to the wedding. With that in mind, at a formal engagement party that you or your parents are hosting you want to make sure not to make anyone feel left out by only inviting them to the engagement party and not the wedding. This is why it is important to start working on your guest list as soon as possible!


The Invitations

In today’s day and age there are many ways you can send out creative invitations in an inexpensive way! Whether it’s a simple email, evite, or even a Facebook event, you can easily get the information out to all of your friends and family.You can also go the more traditional route and create a unique, personalized invitation to mail to your guests. Yes, people still do that! Invitations are a fun way to show off your wedding colors and theme, you can even add some fun engagement photos! Make sure you register before the invites go out and include this information in the cards in case your guests want to bring gifts.


The Food


Most engagement parties don’t consist of five-course gourmet meals so you don’t have to worry about overdoing it here. However, you want to make sure to feed your guests to keep them full and happy! A great way to serve guests at an engagement party is by offering different options in a buffet style. This lets everyone eat as they please while you have more time for fun and celebrations! Another great way to feed your guests is to offer a variety of appetizers throughout the party. This keeps the food flowing and offers different options for everyone. If you’d like to add a personal touch or make things more exciting you can even have themed food or offer up some of your favorite dishes.


The wardrobe

Of course your outfit will depend on the location, venue and theme. Keep in mind that you don’t want to overdo your outfit since you want to wow everyone on your wedding day, but you still want to stand out at this celebration! Think of wearing a cute sundress if you’re having a day barbeque. Or if you’re going to a classy restaurant/bar you may want to wear a nice cocktail dress. It all depends on what fits you best and what will make you feel special! Of course, make sure your fiancé is on the same page as you so you can both dress to impress.


The Experience

At the end of the day, the engagement party is all about you and your fiancé! You want to invite the people you want, eat the food you like and enjoy the time with your closest friends and family. Remember the importance of this day and that it is a celebration of your commitment to your fiancé. Planning and preparing the small details ahead of time will allow you to worry less and enjoy more! Sit back and relax, because you’re on your way to your wedding day!